DESCRIPTIONFire Rescue and First Aid is important to practice properly. It will help us to be prepare and knowledgeable enough when it comes of accident. This infographics will let the viewers to learn the proper ways to perform the basic First Aid and the things to remember in doing the Fire Rescue or when we... Continue Reading →


The details behind the COVID-19 Pandemic DESCRIPTION The video will show how the COVID – 19 Pandemic affects all people worldwide. It helps the people to be more aware of how the said virus can pass into another person and also be aware for us how to be safe for these days that we are... Continue Reading →


DESCRIPTION Philippines is a Democratic country, Filipino citizens may vote the candidate whose they know the best leader who can lead the community or the country well. This infographic helps the Filipino citizens to be knowledgeable enough to know the guides to be an efficient and effective voter of the Philippines. The infographic will let... Continue Reading →

Life Challenges into Motivation

Life is Precious In life, we experience different emotions. We experience happiness, sadness, anger, boredom, fear, admiration, guilt, satisfaction, disappointment, anxiety and excitement. Emotions help us to express our ideas or our reactions to different situations. We always thought that in life, we suffer as we face the challenges in life. Hindrances always surround us,... Continue Reading →


Every success starts in the Beginning Don't let hindrances become your Failure Instead, used it to be your Motivation Be passionate to your Journey Begin. Dream. Work. Succeed. Inspire. "This is only the Beginning of my Journey". - Khea Cardino

Young Learners Used Technology

Young Learners Against Technology We all know that technology help us on our studies, communication with other people, and either for any information and updates that we wants to know. In this debate, our group are assigned to prove that "We can't allow young learners to use technology". In this debate we criticized that we... Continue Reading →

Mass Media

Mass Media Mass Media is important on our everyday living. It is part of our routine that can helps on our studies, awareness about our surrounding, and even on our lifestyle. It is helps us on many things but even it can helps us there are some points that it can destroy our selves. Mass... Continue Reading →


Palimos Ng Kandili Project Based Learning is one of most valuable and memorable activity at Global Innovative College. In this activity we all appreciating many things in life and in studies. In this film, we settled to give our best like from the other group and other strands, but even it is done we actually... Continue Reading →

Buwan Ng Wika: Wika ng Saliksik

Buwan ng wika is well known as one of the most important event that we celebrates, it is a celebration of the Filipino that tackles about the importance of the language on our country and it also tackles on when we have our official language. At Global Innovative College, we celebrating Buwan ng Wika last... Continue Reading →

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